Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday of the Future

*Robot Uprising Influenced by Surprise Birthday Weekend*
That should have been the headline on the front page of the Sunday paper this week.  This weekend was just that Legendary.
My husband always has some kind of awesome birthday party plans but this year he found himself turning 25 ,finishing his thesis and with most of his friends moved away.  So he decided not to plan a party.
Then entered... this post by the Dating Divas! It gave me the most amazing idea...I should throw my husband a surprise party! but then I immediately dismissed it. I can't throw a party! The whole reason Rob doesn't want to have one is because he feels like no one will come. But then I had a wild idea! What if I could get his best friends to fly in and surprise him?! Then Rob could have a party AND he could celebrate it with his friends!
So I sent out the "Super Secret Mission" emails to 3 of his best friends that he use to live with.  And Praise the Lord they all agreed to arrive in Las Cruces two months later! The party was officially in motion!
The plan was for the guys to sweep in like the cavalry and save the day!  Leaving my husband with his batteries recharged so he could finish the fight and graduate with his masters.
I lost many a night of sleep this last two months dreaming that I had let the secret slip, but amazingly we successfully surprised Rob!
The guys dropped in this last Thursday night.  First one rang the doorbell and when Rob answered the door his jaw just about dropped and you can imagine his response as the 2nd and 3rd guy walk in the door about a minute apart.  Next thing Rob knew he was standing in his own kitchen surrounded by his best friends and he was pretty much speechless.
What followed was a pretty legendary weekend.
Luckily Rob knew I was up to something so having his friends show up on Thursday threw him off the scent that I was also throwing him a surprise futuristic/robot party!  He thought we were going to dinner at a friends house but much to his (Genuine) surprise he had a whole crew of people ready to party with him!
Below are the details of the Party! Please don't give me all the credit...I had a lot of help!

The guests were asked to wear some sort of futuristic accessory but if they forgot or didn't have any.  I made sure they were covered with glow necklaces, glow bracelets and futuristic sunglasses. 

We put metallic tables clothes and steamers up and we put robots everywhere!  Of course I made sure to put up the Robots that my husband thinks are awesome

Robot chicken with a Storm Trooper?

 Transformers!  I would have made them look like men but I didn't know how. lol

Zero from Mega man amongst a few other seriously sweet robots

We Love Star Wars!  Shout out to my parents for letting me borrow all your sweet collectibles!

 A little old and new school for all you Lost and Space fans out there




 I got this sweet transformers banner at Wal-Mart and it Lights up! Which was perfect because our entire party was under blue lights...very futuristic.


My husband isn't really into cake so every year I make him a GIANT peanut butter chocolate cookie.  Only this year my friend made him a the coolest fondant topping ever! 8 bit Mega Man!

These toothpicks from William Sonoma were pretty
much the perfect accessory to our chocolate Fountain

Here are some sweet action shots from the party!  We had some seriously sweet costumes there and the blue lights made for some cool pictures.  
Mission Success!!!


  1. Way to go Ashley! You may be the best wife ever! It looks like you guys had a great time. I know Tyler sure enjoyed it!

    Keep up the good work,
    I really enjoy reading your blog!


  2. How fun! I love the Iron Man heart, haha.


  3. Linda~ You are so sweet! I think I won a few points with the hubby for arranging his buddies to come but really it was Tyler and the guys that made the party a hit. It was seriously great to see him!
    Ashley ~ Thank you! I actually made the arc reactor myself! My husband is crazy about Iron Man so I figured he would be stoked to have that as his futuristic accessory for the party.