Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year, A New Beginning, A New Blog

My dear friend Linda basically made me promise that I would start a Blog.  My sister-in-Law Daniella has been known to nudge me in this direction too.  So I guess I can take a not so subtle hint.
So *Tadda* welcome to What Does A Songbird Sing!
What do I sing?
What an excellent question.  You are so sweet to ask. How about I talk about my adventures as a newlywed and how I am mad about cooking and yoga.  That sounds like a pretty good start.  I should probably add that I reserve the right to stray from those three topics from time to time and I also reserve the right to talk more about cooking than anything else.
For the record my life and the things I care to write about seem like they would be quite boring to you, the world. Thus I do not blame you if I you never stop by and read my blog again.  In fact I think I might applaud you for doing something else, like go swimming.
But since your here maybe I will tell you about my new years eve plans.  I warn you they are not very saucy.  For the last couple of years my husband and my dear friend Tyler and I have celebrated the new year in my parents hot tub.  Which I admit sounds peculiar, but we have our reasons for celebrating in our swim suits in weather that cools down the hot tub faster than it can reheat itself.  My favorite part about this tradition is when we ask each other to honestly expose our top 3 greatest defeats and and top 3 greatest victories of the previous year.  If you so desire to try this splendid game do so only in the best of company, for your greatest defeats are not to be trifled with and it will only bring you closer to your chosen companions.
   2011 I have a feeling you know how to show a lady a good time.  Lets Dance!


  1. Way to go Ashley! I am so proud of you! I think your blog is going to be a blast to read, and I can't wait to see what you will be posting.

    Wishing you and Robbie a Very Blessed New Year!

  2. I want to know how that conversation goes! Yay for your blog!

  3. Both my girls now have blogs... a sweet way for me to learn a bit about your lives... hurray for technology :-)