Monday, April 4, 2011

Tuna the Other White Meat

In the spirit of lent here are two tuna recipes that I absolutely love!

For both of these recipes I am using Albacore tuna that has been canned in water.  

     ~In my opinion the only kind of tuna to buy is the white Albacore tuna that has been canned in water.  Albacore tuna truly is the “chicken of the sea” it even has a similar texture and look as that of cooked chicken (but not taste!  It's still tuna ya know he he)  Other kinds of canned tuna have a weird pink color and, in my opinion, a creepy texture. 

     ~Make sure to buy tuna that has been canned in water NOT oil.  Tuna stored in water is significantly healthier for you and it tastes sooo much better.  (I am sure the bagged albacore tuna in water is also very tasty but I’ve never tried it.)

Starkist ad from the 1960's

Tuna Sandwich Recipe Numero Uno:
Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning, 8-Ounce Shakers (Pack of 12)Much to my surprise the secret to really great tuna isCavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning Greek Seasoning.  My husband opened my eyes to this amazing spice concoction and I have never looked back.  Its not expensive so go ahead and try it. You won't regret it.  

Per 1 can of drained tuna.
  ~Cavander's Greek seasoning
  ~chopped up pickle or celery (optional)

Add desired amount of each to a bowl and mix together. Eat it on crackers, toast or ,my personal favorite, as a tuna melt!  Melted cheddar cheese on this tuna mixture is Yum! 

Tuna Sandwich Recipe Numero Dos:  healthy! 

I stumbled across this bad boy in a magazine years ago in a doctors office and quickly scribbled it down.  Boy am I glad i did because it is healthy, tasty and so easy to personalize to your own specific taste! 

Per can of drained tuna
  ~ 1 hard boiled egg - sliced or chopped
  ~ fresh  tomatoe - chopped
   ~1 to 2 artichoke heart - chopped
   ~several black olives - chopped
   ~drizzled with Red Vinegar to taste

Add desired amount of each to a bowl and mix together. serve on Crackers or bread.

I hope these tuna recipes makes your lunches this week are a SMASH HIT!

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  1. We love tuna! I am going to give both of these recipes a try!