Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 5 Favorite Valentines Ideas

As I mentioned before in "Chimichangas Make My Top 5"  my husband and I have a thing for listing our top 5s of things.  Thus today's post is just a continuation of the obsession.

*Note*  My Top 5 are not necessarily in order.  I have the inability to pick my absolute fav of everything! Thus it is highly likely that in any Top 5, I like all five options equally as much : ) 

Top 5 Favorite Valentines Ideas

1. The Dating Divas have done it again and this blog of theirs is all about anticipation!  It is basically the 7 days of Valentines.

2. These fantastic Date Dice made by Say it on the Wall will help you make your date night plans not only for Valentines day but for the rest of the year too!

3. Cake Pops would make such a fun Valentines dessert!  Cake Pops and cake balls were thought up by the ingenious Bakerella and are delicious and so much fun! (Photo by Bakerella)

4. Make a luxurious meal and eat it by candle light with your Valentine!  Imagine candles everywhere! It's a classic and so very romantic (I took this pic when we lost power this last week!)

Via Flickr
5. List your Top 5's with your Valentine.  (Ok I  actually made this one up but i know from experience that this is a good one).  Even if you have been together for years I am sure that Listing your Top 5's with each other are sure to bring up a few surprises.
Ideas for your own Top 5:
~Top 5 favorite things about each other
~Top 5 favorite memories together
~Top 5 dreams for the future
~Top 5 worst and best 80's films
~Top 5 favorite love songs
~Top 5 music/movie/book picks when your were 16

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. GREAT post Ashley! I love everything you have listed! I love the date dice; it would make planning a date night fun and adventurous. I am going to buy a set of them. Thanks!

  2. Ashley - you are giving us each ideas. Before I read Linda's comment... I had already written on a 3x5 card the 'Top 5' questions to save for our Valentine's lunch in Durango on Monday. FYI - I think I only say one movie when I was 16 years old and it was the original first Star Wars. XOXOX Mom

  3. I've always wanted to make those cake pops.