Thursday, January 13, 2011

The 21 Day Yoga Challenge

On Friday I am beginning Yoga Journals: 21-day Yoga challenge!  Thanks to the holidays, my snooze alarm and procrastination I have totally neglected my yoga practice.  I would love to say that  I pray, do yoga, meditate and exercise everyday (and who wouldn't) but I don't. So when I came across this article by Hirali Dowlie in the February edition of Yoga Journal and read about her experience with the 21-day challenge I was inspired!  It reminded me that I can do all of those things everyday, I can make it a habit but I have to shape it to fit in my life. I have to give myself a realistic block of time and more importantly I just have to do, it even if it is for only 10 minutes a day.  For example I find myself feeling guilty that I often only practice yoga in the mornings for about 20 minutes but I don't need to because this article reminded me that "Even 10 minutes every day is better than a two-hour sweatfest once a week". 
Man I needed to here that! 
Hilary Dowle also wrote in reflection to her experience with the 21-day challenge did said "Daily practice has increased my capacity to stay present with the uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and sensations that come up on the mat—and in the dentist's office, the grocery store, and the pickup line at school. In other words, I more easily remember that the skills I build through practice come in handy all the time. Yoga spills over into my life."  
Which for me translates to God will spill over into my life and the peace and clarity he gives me through my time I get with Him through yoga.
 Because for me yoga is not only a wonderful way of taking care of my body,  it also clears my mind and connects me with God.   Through yoga God is teaching me how to listen to Him and to my body; allowing Him to heal me both psychologically and physically. I hope you can see now why I am so excited about this 21-day challenge!
I would love for you to join me.  I will keep you posted on my progress and I hope you will keep me posted on yours.   You can get started by joining at for a day by day guide, videos and a daily newsletter to keep you motivated.  The February issue also has some great tips and a simple sequence you can do everyday.  
They say it takes about a month to build a habit and here is our chance! 


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