Monday, January 10, 2011

Instant stress relief from Neck Rolls

Do you carry your stress in your Shoulders?
Do you constantly find yourself waking up with a kink your neck?
Do you suffer from upperback pain? 
Then you need neck rolls!  Neck rolls are a very old, unpatented, surefire way to ensure that your neck has the mobility to move where you want to look!  For only 1 installment a day of 2 minutes or less you too can have the power of Neck Rolls!
*Not suitable for anyone with any pre-existing neck problems. Please consult your doctor first.

Neck Rolls are one of my favorite yoga poses to do and have helped me more then I ever could have imagined (which sounds insanely cheesy but it is true!).  For you see, my upper back likes to get winy (and sometimes it is screaming) but thankfully neck rolls know just how to sweet talk my shoulders and upper back muscles into chilling out!  Probably my favorite thing about neck rolls are that they have this magical ability to still my mind (which is no easy feat, believe me).  Neck rolls are so very relaxing, especially if you take your time. 

Luckily neck rolls are very simple.
First take a seat either in a comfortable cross legged position on the ground or in a chair with your feet flat on the ground; sit up strait with your shoulders relaxed. Then look down with your head, close your eyes, relax your jaw and begin to roll your head to the right slowly.  Rotate your head all the way around until you return back to center. Repeat at least 2 to 3 times and then roll your head the other direction, to the left, for the same number of rotations.


Tip:   Whenever you come across a kink or a tightness in your neck pause your head for a moment and take a few breaths.  Try to think about relaxing into that spot while you breath into it and then continue on until you reach the next kink.  Do not be discouraged if you have a lot of kinks in your nexk,  this will get better with time and will fluctuate with the stresses that you encounter in your life.  I  can not tell you the number of times practicing this exercise has made me aware of how stressed out I had been. 
You should however be alarmed if you feel any tingling or numbness.  If you experience numbness or tingling please back off a bit and continue a little more gently.
Remember: Sit up strait and relax your jaw

Enjoy!  I hope you learn to love it like I do : )

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  1. Ahhhh I love neck rolls! Thanks for reminding me, my neck and shoulders have indeed been hurting!