Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 4 into the 21 Day Yoga Challenge

Ah the constant struggle.  The balance between exersize and your schedule.  As you all know I have started the 21 days of Yoga Challenge and I would like to say that I have been really good about blocking out a set period of time per day to yoga... but I haven't.   BUT I am proud to say that I have done some yoga everyday.  Which is the point right?!  To just need to get in the habit and fit it into my lifestyle.
I started doing the video sequences in the order that Yoga journal planned out on their website and man I was just not feeling the so called "45 minute FUN flow".  You call that fun? Maybe if you were super yoga like to kill yourself person, which I am not.  Sure I love yoga but goodness that was intense! So with the intention of sticking to my 21 day plan and not quitting on the first day, I decided that I would start out with something that was actually "fun" and I came across their hip opener sequence video, for day 6, which turned out to be perfect! (I just love hip openers. They are my favorite : ) It was exactly what I needed and it lifted me out of my grumpy state (oh yeah I was super grumpy when I started day one...super grumpy is a few steps down from super yoga. lol).  Since then I have just been picking and choosing whichever video I like on their website or doing my own routine.   I am pretty sure that is the better way to go.

Here are a few other things I found: 
~If you are brand spanking new to yoga: I highly recommend the 20 minute evening sequence that they have for week one, it is very simple and relaxing. 
~If you want to try a meditation: the life enhancing audio guide on week one was pretty rad.  I suck at meditation but this was an effective technique for me.

Tonight I am trying the 20 minute core sequence and I am excited!  Wish me luck!

Happy yogaing you guys (lets pretend that yogaing is a real word)

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  1. I wish you lived here so we could workout together! You would keep me motivated!