Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Unbirthday!

"Happy Rob day!"  I said to my husband.  I actually said this about 100 times yesterday.  I dedicated the day to my husband "just because".  Which in my family, a day dedicated to some one for no particular reason, would be referred to as your "UNbirthday".  My Dad has always been a great advocate of unbirthdays and he would throw them for me and my brother very randomly. It was always quite the surprise to come home from school to discover cake and presents waiting for me because it was my unbirthday.  Possibly my favorite part of an unbirthday is when my Dad takes on the persona of the mad hatter and sing the Unbirthday song from the Disney Cartoon "Alice in Wonderland".

If you are curious about unbirthdays allow me to have the master of unbirthdays explain it to you:
That movie was without a doubt my Fathers inspiration.  Much to my delight my Dad continues to throw unbirthdays even though I am an adult. He even gave my husband an unbirthday party before we were married! Unbirthdays are going to be a tradition in my family.  Its destiny. and in the spirit of that I created Rob Day.

My husband is on his last semester of grad school and it feels like he has a mountain of things to do, one of which being to finish his thesis...dun dun dunnnn! My goal is to keep him as happy, well fed and appreciated as possible so he can finish this last stretch.  So as of late i have been on the lookout for an unbirthday type opportunity.  Thankfully my friend Macey introduced me to the Dating Divas via her blog and now I have all of the husband spoiling ideas I ever wanted right at my fingertips! The Dating Divas are a blog that is "Saving Marriages One Date at a Time" which I am totally on board with.  And their post  These Are a Few of His Favorite Things was exactly what the doctor ordered!

So now I present to you...Rob Day!

The first surprise my husband discovered was the breakfast of champions! 

Along with some very valuable coupons for him to look forward to cashing in. You may ask about the second coupon but a Lady never kisses and tells.  

 I also snuck another note and one of Robbie's favorite treats into his back pack for him to find while he was out adventuring on campus. 

Later that afternoon I carefully placed one of his favorite beverages into the fridge with a label (which ensured that his brother doesn't come and drink it. lol) That cola by the way is no ordinary Coca Cola. oh no.  It is a Mexican Coca Cola meaning that it is made from cane sugar. Cane sugar = Yum!

For Dinner I made his favorite meal Chimichangas (which is another on of Lindas Recipes and I will post about that on Thursday) 
For dessert I baked some very delicious Nestle Tollhouse cookies that we had in the freezer.  To my husband there is nothing better for desert than a chocolate chip cookie.

Happy Unbirthday everybody!! 


  1. What a dad and fun with the unbirthdays! Linda led me here and I will enjoy following your blog! Love the video!

  2. I'm glad you found something on that website! I love it and look at it all the time for inspiration :) Great post and I LOVE the idea of "unbirthdays" I may have to make this a tradition in our home too!

  3. Super Cute! Just Tara from The Dating Divas....popping in to say "hi"! We are so glad you liked Corie's idea! Your little comment caught my eye because I was actually thinking about planning an "Unbirthday" date myself in the future! :) I have so many fun ideas this year...that I might not get to it until next year....but it sure looks like your date was fun! :)

  4. I love this idea. It is so nice to show appreciation for someone just because. I have to say, your husband has a good list of favorite things! I could use a Butterfinger and a real Coke right now!

  5. You guys are too cute! Great idea! I am going to have to have an unbirthday for Stan!

  6. I Love the ideas you had for the unbirthday!! WAY to encourage your sweetheart, so cute!

  7. Yay I remember my first un-birthday celebration with the family! I think I somehow accidentally managed to take a bath with Jimmy....Oops

  8. I am soo glad you guys all love the Unbirthday idea! Unbirthdays are seriously the best! I hope all give someone special an unbirthday very soon : )
    Daniella, I remember that unbirthday! That was even before you were with my brother! we laughed forever about that bathtub joke.
    Pam, i am glad you liked the video. My husband was laughing at me because I watched that clip like 5 times yesterday.

  9. Dad loved each little detail of this posting - Hugs and Kisses!!!

  10. Hi Ashley! I followed you here from your facebook post. You inspired me to start a blog. LOL I have had them in the past, even made some money off of one. But I haven't done it in a loooong time. :)

    Robby is pretty lucky to have such an awsome partner in crime. ;)

  11. Popped over here after seeing your link from FB and read down to this post and I love this idea alot! I would love both to celebrate my family members randomly just because and I would also love to give little surprises to my husband, so I am going to have to check out that site you linked. Very cute idea! Thank you for sharing.